Edaphon is a private impact fund that supports decarbonization and biodiversity by investing in natural carbon sinks and the restoration of essential ecosystems.


Edaphon [ ed-uh-fon ] - noun.
the set of organisms living in the soil (animals, plants, fungi and bacteria). These living beings, participate in the biology and ecology of the soil. The edaphon and its biodiversity play a central role in sequestering carbon in the soil.




Edaphon’s story started in Europe in 2015, when its main sponsor founded an impact-oriented fund. The focus of the fund quickly turned to decarbonization and biodiversity through supporting and enhancing natural existing processes.



55 GtCO2 equivalent are emitted every year of which 22,6 GtCO2e (41%) are absorbed by natural carbon sinks.

Our three priorities aim to enable systemic change over the carbon cycle whilst improving biodiversity.


Support natural ecosystems and sinks as they are the biggest source of carbon removal from the atmosphere.





Nature-based solutions for carbon capture (reforestation and regenerative agriculture).

Blue carbon (mangroves, seagrass, and salt marshes)


Support regenerative practices in agriculture, land use and forestry as they can help reduce emissions, capture carbon and improve the ecosystems resilience and diversity.


We aim to help reverse the trend and make agriculture and other land use carbon negative.

Sustainable agriculture



Support systemic innovations that move the needle towards a decarbonised society and alleviate the strains on our planet.

Carbon market

Sustainability intelligence

Sustainable food substitute

Circular processes


We support entrepreneurs with proven, value-based, scalable, inspiring, science-based business models

Proven business model

We look for companies that have already commercialized their product in which the impact is inherent to the commercial success.

We look for teams that gather the right amount of expertise, with a diversity of profile and experiences.


We look for people that are profoundly motivated to do good.

We support entrepreneurs that have theirs values and interests aligned with the purpose they are working on.


We believe that valuable solutions are the ones that can be replicated and scaled so to have a systemic impact.



We look for leaders that wish to influence the course of organizations.

We look for leaders that inspire others in focusing on what matters, and especially in climate and nature.

We want to proactively influence all stakeholders, including policy makers, to move our agenda.



We look for relentless commitment to excellence and action.

We search for top, passionate talent and organizations that leverage a highly diverse pool of skills to accomplish their mission.

Science forms the basis of our thinking and decision-making.






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